Cosmetics Consulting

Navigating the intricate regulations and standards in the cosmetics industry can often be overwhelming. Non-compliance poses significant risks, including regulatory penalties, product recalls, damage to brand reputation, and potential consumer harm.

At TPro, we offer expert consulting services designed to steer you safely through these complexities. Our approach goes beyond mere compliance. We strive to instil a culture of quality, ensuring your products not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Our consulting services encompass ingredient compliance, product safety assessment, and regulatory documentation. With our guidance, you can focus on developing products that your customers trust and love, without the constant worry about regulatory issues.

Partnering with TPro offers you the benefit of staying ahead of regulatory changes, reducing the risk of non-compliance and enhancing your brand’s reputation for quality and safety. With TPro, you’re not just getting a consulting service; you’re getting a strategic partner dedicated to your brand’s success.

cosmetics consulting
Cosmetics Auditing

Cosmetics Safety Auditing

As SAATCA lead auditors, we offer objective and thorough auditing services for your cosmetic production systems. We evaluate your practices against national and international standards, providing detailed feedback and recommendations to enhance your cosmetics safety and quality practices.

Cosmetics Safety Systems

Cosmetics Safety Systems

We provide technical assistance in establishing and maintaining robust safety systems that comply with national and international standards for cosmetics. This includes systems for product stability testing, microbiological testing, and adverse event monitoring, all critical for ensuring product safety and meeting regulatory requirements.


Cosmetics Safety Training

TPro offers comprehensive training programs tailored to the needs of the cosmetics industry. Our training programs cover various aspects of cosmetics safety and quality, from good manufacturing practices (GMP) to regulatory compliance. Our goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the highest standards of cosmetics safety and quality.

Cosmetics Safety Implementation

Implementing safety and quality standards in cosmetics production is critical to ensure product compliance and consumer trust.

TPro provides comprehensive support in setting up and integrating ISO 22716 (cosmetics good manufacturing practices) and other relevant quality systems into your operations. Our objective is to promote a culture of safety and compliance, enhancing your brand reputation.

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Exceed globally recognised standards

TPro’s mission in the cosmetics industry is to champion safety and quality by ensuring that our clients’ products not only meet but exceed globally recognised standards.


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